Thursday, June 26, 2008

Achievers/Bums – 06/26/08


Scott Rolen – 3B – Toronto Blue Jays – 2/4, HR, 3 RBIs – Not a repeat. I took my own advice (see below) and helped offset Chipper’s absence this week. He is not going to be very good, but he might be worth a spot on your bench if you own Lawrence.

Rich Harden – SP – Oakland A’s – Win, 8.0 IP, 11 K’s – Phenomenal effort against a hard-hitting Phillies team. However, his arm will literally fall off at one point.

Nick Markakis – OF – Baltimore Orioles – 1/3, 2 RBIs, 2 BBs – Not much of game, but it is indicative of his recent play. He is starting to hit his stride after a slow start. Buy low now before he starts to get notice.


Josh Hamilton –OF– Texas Rangers – 0-0, HBP, Left Game – If you can’t root for Hamilton, you are missing your heart. However, it might be time to sell high. Tonight’s game is the second time this week that he has left a game. As pointed out here, due to Hamilton’s past issues, he can’t take painkillers when hurt.

Chase Utley – 2B – Philadelphia Phillies – 0/4 – Just like in my front yard, Utley’s drought continues. No HRs since 6/13. He is still better than your 2B.

Ed Wade – GM – Houston Astros – Def. by Shawn Chacon – Rd. 1. I am going to play devil’s advocate with this one. How do you put yourself in a position to get beat up by your own player? Be the grown-up. Maybe that’s what you get for signing Shawn Chacon in the first place.

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