Monday, June 23, 2008

Who is Jeff Baker?

Jeff Baker is a utility guy for the Rockies who's been filling in at 2b for Clint Barmes and he was just crowned NL Player of the Week. Hitting .435 with an SLG% of 1.043, Baker had a mammoth week that included home runs in four straight games. He's eligible in Yahoo standard leagues at 1b, 2b and OF. So should you go out and pick him up?

The Good: As mentioned, he is eligible at 1b, 2b and OF - and he's mashing.

The Bad: Barmes is back, and Clint Hurdle says he will be back at 2b, so Baker's playing time will decrease significantly once interleague play is completed.

The Ugly: Baker's K/BB is 36/8. Also he kind of reminds me of Dolph Lundgren, but with a bigger jaw.

Bottom Line:
I'd only pick him up if you are desperate for a 2b this week. You may be able to ride his hot streak while he is still getting at bats.

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