Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Achievers/Bums - 6/24/08


Scott Rolen – 3B – Toronto Blue Jays – 2/4, HR, 4 RBIs – Granted, it was against Bronson Arroyo, but you could worse for a #2 3B than Rolen, especially if you are Chipper owner.

Jonathan Sánchez – SP – San Francisco Giants – Win, 7.2 IP, 8 K’s – Pretty impressive for a NL pitcher on the road against an AL team. With their starting pitching (Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez), how good could the Giants be if they were not held back by Zito’s awful contract?

AJ Burnett – SP – Toronto Blue Jays – W, 8.0 IP, 7K’s – The JD Drew of pitchers, AJ Burnett is highly favored in my “Death Pool” list of perpetual injured pitchers (Rich Harden, Ben Sheets). One of these guys will actually spontaneously combust on the field one day. Write it down. You heard it here.


Bronson Arroyo – SP – Cincinnati Reds – 1.0 IP, 10 ER – Yeah, it is pretty easy to pick on Arroyo. However, I have never forgiven him for this game last year, so he gets top billing as a bum.

Oliver Perez – SP – New York Mets – L, 5.0 IP, 5 ER – I don’t expect much out of the Mets at this point, but there is no excuse for getting cranked by the Mariners. Oliver Perez continues to undermine my belief in contract year performance as he falls to 5-5 with 5.29 ERA.

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