Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Trade Deadline Update: Pudge, Manny, Bay

Today the Yankees traded away cuddle boy Kyle Farnsworth to the Yankees for Venezuelan heart-throb, "Pudge" Rodriguez (who incidentally enjoys a cuddle from time to time). The Tigers upgraded their dilapidated bullpen, and the Yankees get an everyday catcher to replace Jorge Posada, so this was probably a good move for both teams from a real baseball standpoint, but who cares about real baseball. From a fantasy perspective, I wouldn't get too excited about I-Rod moving to the Yankees. He's basically sucked since he got off the 'roids and shrunk, and the Detroit lineup was just as good (in theory) as the Yankees' lineup (in theory). I guess Farnsworth could get a chance at some saves, but you don't want any of that action. If you desperately need a catcher, you may want to take a chance on Brandon Inge, who will now be the every day catcher for the Tigers.

Manny to the Marlins? Not yet, but Ken Rosenthal says it's a possibility. I guess I'm used to the Marlins trading superstars, because this seems like an odd fit. I don't see it.

The Rays are reportedly interested in Jason Bay, but talks have cooled according to Jayson Stark.


Ross said...

According to Buster Onley: Jason Bay is also linked to a possible three way deal [I don't know the exact pronunciation but I believe its Manage A Trois] involving the Marlins, Red Sox, and Pirates. The Red Sox would send the Marlins Manny for Johnny Peralta or Josh Willingham. Then the Red Sox would turn around and send the Marlins Peralta or Willingham for Jason Bay. This deal sounds way too complicated to be pulled off at t-minus 20 Hours to the deadline but who knows. Epstein does have a Yale MBA which of course makes him qualified to perform miracles.

Ross said...

I'm an idiot thats Jeremy Hermida or Josh Willingham from the Marlins ... obviously not Johnny Peralta.

Donny said...

Yeah, that would be extra complicated if somehow Peralta was involved. Bay to the Red Sox would be kind of awesome for his value.

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