Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cubs Get Harden

How do you make Rich Harden more cursed? You ship him to Northside Chicago. The place where pitchers' arms go to die. Hey, at least Dusty isn't there anymore. He'd have Rich throwing 130-pitch complete games. Or probably game, because that would probably kill poor Rich. I'm surprised the Cubs made the trade. Harden has lost velocity and looked a little off in his last two starts, but I guess they had to counter the Sabathia pickup by the Brewers. I honestly don't think this trade has a huge effect on Harden's fantasy value. He faces worse hitting and gets more run support, but he pitches in a less pitcher-friendly park. But as I emailed Brandt this morning, as long as Harden stays healthy, I wouldn't care if he was traded to the Rockies. Problem is, he won't stay healthy. He just won't. If you're ever going to sell Rich Harden, now is definitely the time.

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