Saturday, July 12, 2008

Achievers/Bums - 7/12/08

Rich Harden - SP- Chicago Cubs - The Cubs' newest acquisition made an impressive debut today, racking up 10 Ks in just 5.1 innings. However, he does play for the Cubs, so this story cannot have a happy ending. The bullpen blew a seven run league, but won the game in 11 innings. Regardless, Harden's debut was memorable, and he has been on their team for about a week without hurting himself. Yet.
Matt Joyce - OF - Detroit Tigers - Who the f*%# is Matt Joyce? Rotoworld doesn't even have a picture of his face (or maybe he is The Question). Whoever Matt Joyce is, he has hit three HRs in the last four games. Don't pick him up unless you are searching for the next Chris Shelton, and I mean that in a bad way.
Shane Victorino - OF - Philadelphia Phillies - Anyone with a nickname of “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is a Permanent Achiever in my opinion. However, I will list him today for smacking a pair of HRs against the D'backs. The power is a bit of an aberration; you probably want to grab him for SBs, especially if he starts another one of his hot streaks.

Carlos Marmol - RP - Chicago Cubs - As the chief culprit in the Cubs bullpen disaster, Marmol gave up four runs in just one inning. You can't blame him entirely. Marmol has been worked like a rented mule this season. Entering today's game, Marmol had pitched 51.1 innings, almost matching last year's today of 69.1. Marmol has been a great source of Ks, in addition to helping out with WHIP and ERA. Unfornately, this might be the start of his eventual downturn.
Adam Eaton
- SP - Philadelphia Phillies - In a meltdown almost identical to his collaspe back in May, Eaton fell apart in the fourth inning of today's loss to the D'backs, capped off by giving up a double to SP Randy Johnson. He should not be on your team in the first place, but I had to point him out for getting raked by the Big Unit.
Jason Giambi - 1B/DH - New York Yankees - Since erupting for six RBI on July 2nd against the Texas Rangers, Giambi and his porntastic mustache have entered a 1-22 slump. I would say that Giambi's numbers are going into a black hole, but apparently that might be offensive.

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