Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Thoughts - 7/14/08

The Arizona Diamondbacks are rumored to be interested in Raul Ibanez. For the D'backs, he would give them another LH bat to go with Chad Tracy (assuming that he stays healthy). With Ibanez, the D-backs could use a top five of Hudson-Jackson-Ibanez-Young-Tracy. The O-Dog (OBP - .359) and Conor Jackson (OBP - .387) make more sense at the top of his lineup. Chris Young and his .401 slugging percentage could hit fourth, and he might benefit with being surrounded by Ibanez and Tracy. For fantasy purposes, while Ibanez is not the sexiest player, he does have 55 RBIs and won't hurt you in average (.275). As he is in the last year of a contract, Ibanez should be motivated to play for the rest of the season. A move to a contender might be the necessary motivation to give a boost to these numbers
The Onion Movie is hillarious. Basically, it is a 2000's knockoff of The Kentucky Fried Movie, but a very entertaining knockoff nonetheless. Click HERE for an example (NSFW).
With Takashi Saito probably headed to DL, Jonathan Broxton will take over as closer for the Dodgers. Broxton has been closer in waiting for a few years. This season, he has acculmulated 46 Ks in 39.2 innings. His ERA of 3.40 is a bit of an illusion due to two bad outings in May. During the month of June, Broxton did not allow a single earned run. If you are a Saito owner or looking saves, he is worth the risk to pick up. However, it is important to remember that a dominant middle reliever is not guaranteed to make the move to closer (Rafael Betancourt feel free to raise your hands). Broxton has filled the role on occasion with mixed results. Pick him up if he is available, but don't overpay for Broxton.
If and when Brian Fuentes moves, Manny Corpas will get the first shot at closer over Taylor Buchholz. Depsite superior numbers (1.83 ERA and 35Ks in 44.1 innings), Buchholz will wait in the wings. If moved, Fuentes will be used in a set-up capcity, pretty much losing all of his value. Fuentes owners will want to grab Corpas. It is disappointing that Buchholz will not be the closer, but it does not mean that he lacks value. Taking advantage of his SP status, I have used Buchholz in various leagues. If you have in extra spot, he could give you an advantage in Ks, ERA and WHIP in HTH leagues.
Who had Ian Kinsler pegged as this awesome? No, you did not.
The Boston Globe is reporting that the Red Sox are interested in Mark Teixeira. They offered Kevin Youkilis and Craig Hansen to the Braves for the free agent-to-be. Even if this deal does not happen, expect the Braves to move Big Tex if they fall out of the race. While Teixeira would benefit to finish his year in an AL lineup, such a move would be pretty damning for Chipper Jones owners.
Roy Halladay is freaking awesome. 11 wins, 7 CG, 2.71 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 121/21 K/BB. In 146 innings this season, he has nearly reached his Ks from last year (139 Ks). At age 31, you have wonder when all of these innings will catch up with him. If Halladay can keep this up for a full season, it will be an incredible achievement.

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