Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Thoughts - 7/21/08

Per, the Rockies are lightly peddling Matt Holliday, but are asking for everything and the proverbial kitchen sink in return. I do not think that Holliday will be traded during the season, but I would gamble that the Rockies will move him in the offseason to give his new team a full year rental. I got the yips with Holliday earlier this year and moved him in my keeper league. If you check his career splits, he is a Hall of Famer when in Colorado and below average everywhere else (1.085 - Home OPS; .790 - Road OPS. In comparison, Lyle Overbay's career OPS is .812). You have a chance now to sell Holliday at his highest value, but follow the Rockies' strategy and hold out for everything you can get.

By the way, is it me, or does Matt Holliday look a liiiitle bit like Dwight Yoakum in "Sling Blade?"


Since you demanded it, a Patrick Swayze update.


"The Dark Knight" is awesome. It's not the "Godfather II", but it is the best movie with a guy dressed like a bat that you will see this summer. Plus, no bat nipples.


Over at, Mark Teixeira potential trade destinations are mentioned. I would love to see him in the Diamondback's lineup, but they emptied their farm system when they acquired Dan Haren. They are not going to trade whoever they have left for a guy that they probably won't be able to sign. The LA Angels could really use him - tonight is the fourth game in a row that Maicer Izturis is hitting third - but you have to wonder if the ghost of Gary Matthew's contract will keep them from trading for a Scott Bora's client.


The Onion AV Club has an interesting comparison of two of the "best worst " movies ever. I can testify to the greatness of "Manos: Hands of Fate." However, the new contender is "Troll 2." Apparently, the movie is now on tour in various towns, accompanied by cast members. In addition, this movie has generated its own website and accompanying documentary. "Troll 2" is now on the Netflix queue, but it will be difficult to convince The Chief of Staff (ie -the wife) to experience "Manos" again.

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