Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Achievers/Bums 7/29/08


Brett Myers - SP - Philedelphia Phillies - W, 7.0 IP, 2Ks - Myers returned to form with a solid game against the Nats. Of course, I could pitch underhanded against the Nats and probably win, but that is not the point. Myers is more talented than his 2008 stats indicate. He is worth a flyer from your waiver wire or a "buy low" pick-up for the stretch run.

Miguel Tejada - SS - Houston Astros - 2/4, HR - Since moving to the two-spot in the Astros' lineup, the ageless wonder has gone 10/15 with 5 runs. While his HR stroke is not the same, Tejada can help you with average and runs with Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee hitting behind him. I would recommend buying low on Tejada before his streak makes him difficult to acquire.

Matt Garza - SP - Tampa Bay Bleep Rays - W, CG, 5Ks - Garza is so hot, if you turned off the lights, he would glow. Word to your mother.


Jose Guillen - OF - Kansas City Royals - Awwww, Jose wants to leave Kansas City. He says (via a "source")that management is not doing to enough to make the Royals a contender. Guillen has certainly done his share to the help the Royals achieve. In 2008 alone, he has called his teamates "babies," tried to fight the pitching coach, and said that he does not "give a (bleep) about the fans." Let us all weep gently in support of Jose. To the extreme.

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