Monday, July 14, 2008

The Natural Puts on a Show in the Bronx

Josh Hamilton just put on a show unlike any I have ever seen. He set a record with 28 first-round homers in the Home Run Derby, and it was electric. Each bomb he hit was more impressive than the one before it. He said earlier in the day that he wouldn't be surprised to see someone hit it out of the stadium, and now I understand why. I actually thought he had hit a couple completely out, but I think they just barely missed. I know he hit a few over 500 feet - the longest at 518! After each towering fly ball he hit, I found myself jumping out of my seat and just watching in amazement. He apparently had a dream two years ago in which he was being interviewed in Yankee Stadium after participating in a Home Run Derby, and tonight it became a reality. Like most of the rest of America, I'm mesmerized with his story and feel like I'm watching a movie script play out. Maybe I'm a little caught up in the moment, but when Yankee Stadium erupted in chants of "Ham-il-ton, Ham-il-ton," I'll admit I got goose bumps.

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