Monday, July 7, 2008

Achievers/Bums – Fourth of July Weekend Edition


Milwaukee Brewers – Renting players for the playoff stretch is always a risky move. However, the Brewers made a shrewd move in acquiring the reigning AL Cy Young winner.

With a pretty good numbers against the NL, (12-6, 3.74 ERA and 167/59 K/BB ratio in 190 interleague innings), Sabathia gives the Brewer’s a lethal arm for the rest of the season. With Prince Fielder at 1B and Ryan Braun in LF, the Brewers were able to trade 1B/OF prospect Matt LaPorta without gutting themselves for the long run. Even if they do not resign Sabathia, the two draft picks will be worth the risk.

JJ Hardy – SS - Milwaukee Brewers – Speaking of the Brew Crew, JJ Hardy celebrated the holiday weekend by breaking out the big bat. Over last four games, Hardy cranked out 11 hits, including four home runs. Hardy is notoriously streaky. If you have him on your team, take advantage of the good Brewer’s press and his hot streak to sell him high ASAP.

Andre Ethier – OF – Los Angeles Dodgers - Ethier is taking full advantage of Juan Pierre’s virgin trip to the DL. Over the weekend in San Francisco, Ethier scored five runs on seven hits. While hitting in the two-spot for the weak hitting Dodgers is nothing special, Ethier should be able to help you with runs and average. Most importantly, he is probably sitting on the waiver wire as we speak, but not for long. Pick him up for some short-term OF help.

United States of America – 232 years old, and still going strong. In your face, King George III!


Chicago Cubs – Not only did the Cubbies and their big check book miss out on CC Sabathia, they let a rival team in their division pick him up. Instead of a reigning Cy Young winner, the Lovable Losers are rumored to be in the hunt for Kerry Wood’s AL doppelganger Rich Harden. For a team with deep pockets and Jason Marquis in their starting rotation, missing out on CC is inexcusable and picking up Harden is suicide.

Elijah Dukes – OF – Washington Nationals – Since June 1, Dukes had been treating the baseball like his wife, smacking six HRs in addition to stealing seven bases. Please note the “had” in that previous sentence, as Dukes is now out for four-to-six weeks . Send him back to the waiver wire where he belongs, and pray for Mrs. Dukes.

A-Rod –3B - New York Yankees It is easy to be an A-Rod hater. With his movie star looks and more money than the Pope, on top of playing for the Evil Empire, there is plenty of ammunition. That being said, having your divorce tried in the New York Post is a fate I would not wish on my worst enemy. But on the other hand, Madonna? You are friggin’ Alex Rodriguez, and you are throwing your hot dog down that hallway? I don’t get it.

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